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Trophy Room

If space or trophy condition dictate other than a lifesize mount a half mount might be a viable option

A world record striper from the Cumberland River caught by Gerald McDaniels whether it is a world record a personal best or a fabulous memory we can make it right and make it last See more of our fish mounts under the fish tab

These magnificent West Texas Dessert Mule Deer bucks were mounted for Nikon Sport Optics and were on display at the 2008 Shot Show. See more of our Deer mounts under North American

lloyds baboon

lloyds baboon is one of severeral custom mounts we completed recently for him. You cansee several others under International Game_Africa_ African Clients

American Bison are a great addition to any trophy room see a wide variety of North American trophies under North American other NA game

kudu and waterbuck pedestal mounts designed to fit in rooms with 8 ft ceilings see more like this under pedestal mounts

2 monster roaring red stag pedestal mounts, see more NZ trophies under Interntaional game, South Pacific

Argentina Water buffalo. A formidable species to hunt, the riverine subspecies is larger in body and has horns similar to the Cape Buffalo.

Dougs Argentina Mt. Lion; South American Puma are generally smaller that their North American cousins but like all cats they are wary and make great mounts.

See a variety of custom whitetail mounts under North American Game

Mary Free Phelps nice alaskan black bear see more bear mounts under North American Game tab other game

Clinton Coopers Mt lion see more of our cat mounts under African and North American

We were commissioned to mount this beautiful 6 ft peacock for a fabulous Victorian Mansion in Old Louisville KY see more of this and other bird work under Mounts- "Birds"

Our Pedestal mounts add a 3rd dimension your room. Balance unique artistic designs are our specialty. See more like this under Mounts " Custom" or "Pedestal"

Ivans Axis wall pedestal mount. See a full line of exotic species mounts under North American Game "exotics"

Eland Pedestal Mount Whie Oak Elk Ranch. See many more African Mount under Continental Mounts!

Iguana, One of our many Freeze-dried pets. See more under Mounts "pets" or Freeze-dry "pets"

Coy This prize winning Coy is one of many tropical and game fish we have mounted. Visit our Fish page under Mounts!

Roe Deer Buck pedestal on antique European hunting journals

Giraffe and Kudu big animals will fit in regular sized rooms with properly designed mounts

Eastern Wild Turkey Semi Strutt pose. Visit our Bird mount page under Mounts!

Steenbuck desk mount on antique aftican hunting books see more like this on our mounts - custom item page

Mike Maddox s Tom Turkeys

Mike and Sherry Maddoxs Nyala and Gemsbok see more like this under African Wall Mounts

Sherry and Mike Maddox pair of impressive impalla

Burt Mullins buck on walnut pedestal on of our many custom deer mounts

Arabian Horse, We can preserve your beloved pet large or small see pets on Mounts and Freezedry pages

Dall Sheep front view, visit our Noth American mounts page

Pronghorn Antelope side view, see more pedestal mounts under mounts-pedestal

1st place Masters Division, "Most Artistic Mount Award" masters division 2004. Visit our North American Game, deer page for more whitetails
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