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Pedestal Mounts

A pedestal 1/2 mount can show all of a bears potential in a very classy mount see other bear mounts under North American Game tab

Pedestals can provide useful and discrete storage space

The nyala is considered one of the most beautiful of the African game animals and makes a great lifesize mount but if space is an issue they also make a striking pedestal mount

Eland are huge but also very agile and graceful animals and make fantastic pedestal mounts

See other whitetail pedestal mounts under North American Game tab Deer Pedestal Mounts

Sam Monarchs super black powder waterbuck See many of Sams superb mounts under Happy Customers Tab

See many more custom mounts and custom bases under International Game- Africa - Clients

We create most of our pedestal mounts from scratch and can accomodate multiple species or a variety of balanced poses!

Al Harrisons Gemsbok

Eland Pedestal Mount for White Oak Elk Ranch See more African mounts under Interntaional Game

Zebra for Rick Davis White Oak Elk Ranch visit Happy Customers page to see more mounts like this

Kudu on barnwood base for lodge at White Oak Elk Ranch We work with numberous craftsmen to construct bases that fit your decor

Large Kudu Bull designed for room with standard 8 ft ceiling

Roe Deer Buck Desk Pedestal large or small we can create an artistic mount befiting of your trophy and your tastes

Roe Deer Buck Desk Pedestal we created this mount on a base made of 19th century book titles - European Game Management, Game Estates and the Kings Sport!

Blue Wildebeeste side view We work for blance and beauty from all viewing angles

blue wildebeeste and many other unique species benefit from the 3rd dimension offered in a well designed pedestal mounts

Ivans Sable on a termite mound is an example of a natural base and pose

Steenbuck desk mount on antique aftican hunting books

The might of a Cape Buffalo is readily appearent in a properly crafted mount

A Red Stag often has antlers that do not fit well with typical wall mounts under standard ceilings A pedestal mount fits nicely and looks great! See other South Pacific species under International Game

A Bugling Kentucky Elk is one of the numerous historical and record book elks we have been commissioned to mount See more on our KY Elk page under North Americam Game

Burt Mullins buck on walnut pedestal, We are currently building another custom mount for Burt!



Duiker Pedestal


Springbok Pair

Dall Sheep Side View

Dall Sheep Front View

Pronghorn Antelope Side View

Pronghorn Antelope Front View
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